Guy Pays For A Massage With His Mouth - Odd experience at Massage Envy -- Or am I wrong?

I've had yet another questionable experience at Massage Envy. Here is what happened. I went in for my first-ever 2-hour massage.

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Guy Pays For A Massage With His Mouth Derrik Tie: Yes to the kangaroo, no to the guy i agree. He deserves better.

Veiga Grims: Australian BOGAN. Most Aussie guys will try to AVOID this failed abortion. This is a pretty bad stereotype by the way.

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Kraziboi80: I'm definitely paying if it's a date with Yara or Izumi!

Alvaro Sedano: Thanks that he doesn't have a german accent! That would be so annoying. Many people think that all Germans are not able to learn other Languages without a heavy accent and this is simply not true

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Tusrox01: So many angry men on this thread, just because these women are having some fun on vacation.

MusiqQueen6: He is cute!

Mark Ong: So basically that dude gets to make out or act with a German girl AND a Columbian girl. Lucky dog.

Dora Hunt: The neighbour (because he cuts the lawn every days, which means she has to cut it at least every two days)

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AaronHett in Miami, Florida said: Leave a comment Comments I am a 14 year Therapist and sounds like you got a fairly new therapist. Leti in Miami Beach, Florida. If I were the masseuse I would have had his cock down my throat as soon as he flipped over! I've had yet another questionable experience at Massage Envy.

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