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Dieses Thema wurde geschlossen. I am new to the game and not sure why people are ramming me rather than refueling , and then why they get awarded a kill.

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The Leader of the Opposition, Mr Jeremy Corbyn, was photographed sitting on the floor of a train from London to Newcastle, because he was not able to find a seat.

In short, we have two verbs that sound similar: You both dont get credit when a ram occurs because they didnt want to reward people for ramming. When you fire your guns a red bar appears around your crosshairs, if it gets to the end your guns overheat and jam. It advises me rather severely to check my search and try again. Sexism and the implicature of comparisons. Or because several teammates go for one enemy and they ram each other tryin to kill the enemy.

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I have never rammed on purpose so far, well, not aircraft anyway but have been involved in several ramming incidents, I have noticed that quite a few of these occur if you get a bit of lag in the game. Evading in a headon doesnt mean u lose In one game it was like an invisible hand grabbed my plane and threw it into the ground, on the action log 4 other planes had crashed Watch the corsshair circle going red slowly as u shoot to prevent jamming.

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By not giving any insentive to ram someone, it discourages the practice. If no one does critical damage, and then they hit eachother, no one gets credit for the deaths. Or because several teammates go for one enemy and they ram each other tryin to kill the enemy. Although both words have several meanings, one meaning is common to both: The following information comes from there.

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