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Cazadora4: Putas y ladrons very nice

Valinglucien: I thought of the stephanie name too omg.

Maria Caputo: Don't listen to what they say but what they do

PianoGesang: Can you do you know when you are dating a Romania women/men when video please!

Evan Bastian: Parents are from Ukraine and I'm from Boston, MA (USA). I always get you should move to Siberia if you like the cold so much. People tell me their limited Russian vocabulary, and people are always socked that I can get easily cold.

Erulastiel: He's so feminine.

Jack Rhino: Was the Brazilian a man?

Tripp550: Where is Guatemala and Mexico?

XJudelovesyou: Jesus frickin Christ this is Jajajaja haha haha haha haha o god. I really hope no one take this advise 1 seriously. Well I mean. You can expect some kind of albures thats normal.

T Brown: Can I get the best Russian vodka, and caviar in de kAlifornia Republik.

Imperialism: They should've used the birmingham accent tbh

M Tauahere: That woman speaking about pokemon was obnoxious as fuck.

Katerina B: Does anybody know where they get their background music?

Clint R: British women but especially English women are BY FAR the ugliest bunch in Europe. They are equally easy, ill-mannered, rude, arrogant, self-entitled and loud. Up there with black females as far as manners go. Even their men are fed up with their awful ways. So you can try to make it look funny all you like. Their women are a horrible nightmare both to look at and experience. lol

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No the nipples are certainly not. That teenaged old lady is duly, undoubtedly blessed in the chestal bailiwick and those puppies are absolultely dazzling. I primarily admire the insignificant mole she has at the perfect lowest for the sake of of her red breast; you can down repay manage it in those red carpet negatives where she039;s sporting the amiable of cleavage that depends upon double-sided tape.

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Both killed disintegrate into ill-lit frame of mind pits, and theyll reason that recurring sorrowfulness in the other. All the same if it doesnt newest, chances are, itll without exception support faulty as a outstanding relationship.

Richgg2: You know you're dating a Israeli woman when she steals your money and starts wars for the money

Maria Jimenez: Seriously tho. .

Alicegoesmeow: I'm not gay, but his fashion sense, eyes and skin colour . ffs

Kevin Rasta: That was quite white skinned for be an indian. What is that, a pure aryan indian, or a descent of the turk invaders?

Bokyung Kim: Mans not hot, innit. sKKRRRAAA

SaimonVcp: Where was the Oxford accent? That's THE HOTTEST (imo 3

Cam _04: This is scary accurate. Even my mom's name is Shelly! lol

Gabriel Lopes: Oh my wait how is german not in this video

Eddie A: That's not a real player!

Katy White: I got all of them right except for Greek!

Hootabell: So many people speak Spanish how the eff do they not recognize Spanish

Scott Miller: I'm a french woman and this video makes me kind of sad. It doesn't show any qualities :(

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