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We scoured the nation to find the absolute finest exemplars of fitness. You loved the list so much, we decided to do it again this year, conducting another...

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Felix McWelba: This is so dumb. I thought we were talking about NORTHERN england, not chavvy essex girls. I'm so northern I literally have sheep as my profile, this is not what we are like.

ShiiraNeko: Where the hell is Argentina?

Altair1193: Holt shit british people are ugly

One Man Army: Why did you take a faggot to represent Croatia?

Yummy 65: Odly women prefer average guys not body builders

Cynthia Rahal: Nope. Not even near.

Miro Jozef: These videos you put out are cute and its interesting how different women are from different countries and cultures. Wish this came out 30 years ago because now it is just dreaming. Haha :)

Rober Valley: You're dating Portuguese if she is short with dark skin, speaks endlessly doesn't give you personal space and controls your life.

Hey I'm Nour: I Love Ricky''

Mel Ditt: You should have added finish.

Robbie3dblack: Arab girl can you do video about that

King Kazma: Top 3 guys for me, in no particular order were: The black guy, the Latino guy and the Asian guy.

BERTIL SCALI: Totally agree with the family part. no matter if I'm in England or Portugal my mum's side of the family need to know EVERYTHING about me

Little Lamp: I LOVED THE SLOVAK LANGUAGE OMGGGG oh wait. there wasn't one.

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Saramariaana: German people here pretty cool and laid back and that likes me too, I

Matilde Silva: The LATINOS are the best seductors of the world. i'm bolivian

Picenum: I'm American and I'm tired about people complaining about American politics. We hate it too, get over it.

Soy Yoli: Make a SERBIAN one

BlackbirdYT: By the way can you do Egyptian male version?

Matt Champion: This is really boring. This asshole needs to get a life.

Lize Vingamos: As a person who was born and raised in LA and have now dated in a few countries and cities in the US this is great. Should've talked about how much more superficial LA is BUT it's so damn big you should never have to do the same date twice

Vicky Morales: Sooooo russian girls are perfect they are always beautiful and well dressed they know how to cook they support you in things that they dont even know (after the release of this video all the men in the world moved to russia lol

Kip Oblion: Everyone liked the second one

ZOiNhUh: That guy looks miserable

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  • Before you reach for that razor, jot down some of these tips on the ins and...
  • Horny Jocks Action Videos.
  • Chest hair on a man is proof of his manliness. I like...
  • I saw dozens of guys show this type of body language when around Grace. It was one...

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  1. Jesus the ad before this video is called 'wow your ex-boyfriend with non-stop smooth legs'

  2. i think this also could go out to women who do plastic surgery to look a certain way. why do they get so much hate?

  3. Did I just hear Laci Green defending free speech of controversial ideas and open dialogue with your opponents? Are my ears working properly?

  4. How about this, there are only 2 types of people. The people that make people and the people that make things. simple right?

  5. Just for shits and giggles (and sexism aside), lets say it was two guys or two girls.В

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