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Kugathalord22: So many nice womens in world. I don't know which country to choose. :(

Iwan Ng: Im from Montreal and Definitly France is waaaay sexier !

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Kaveh Farr: I'm South African and the question I get asked the most is: Why are you wit? Do you have electricity? or What do you think of Mandela?

Naomi 19: Most of russian women are sluts, i'm russian, btw.

Hilde S: She's not speaking like a French this is stupid.

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The other people waiting to use the phone thought I was a nutter. But the real answer is the Berkshire side of the Thames in Henley. The walk down to to Hambleden lock is the best in the world.

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Perhaps the signs should be much bigger. Terry Cox Hows this for efficiency, I saw my doctor late last year who referred me to a specialist. You can still ask tough questions with good manners and probably get a better more comprehensive answer instead of getting their backs up. The government are happy to tell the country about how awful the obesity epidemic is taking over but alas, local authorities simply do not have the money or facilities to help these people.

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Rahel 95: Barcelona IS Spain. Fuck you for this stupid independentist flag, guys!

Noah Vale: Australian accent is sexy for both men and women

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On the day veteran Hanley Ramirez smacked his first home run of the season, the rookie outfielder had historians dusting off the team record book.

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