Sexual Favors For Your Boyfriend - 18 Things You Should Try Out In Bed With Your Partner

How about just making out. I love kissing my wife I could do it for hours.

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Have a contest to see who can come first, or who can hold out longest. It might just be time to step back and get back to the basics and get excited about sex again. Pay your partner for sex. Masturbate for each other. Turn on an electric toothbrush Use silicone lube and get it on in the shower. Rent a porn and reenact a scene.

Over Things You Can Try Tonight , we've decided to round up 50 sexy or sex-filled things that you can do easily -- well, depending on the kids and time -- and without much prep at all. Yep, that's right -- this inspirational sexual bucket list of sorts can help any couple keep things cayenne-pepper hot in the sexy time department. It's time to take a step or two out of your comfort zone and let loose! You and your partner will enjoy trying something new, and who knows, one of the things on this list might even become a regular occurrence.

You might even love most of them! You never know until you try. The Sexual Bucket List: Whether it's utilizing a random household item, getting out of the bedroom, or trying something completely bizarre-sounding, it might just work for you and your partner.

Ready for the big list? More from The Stir: What Makes a Woman 'Wife Material': Men Reveal the Surprising Truth.

So...what the relationship is really about?

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Rock around the clit. Yep, that's right -- this inspirational sexual bucket list of sorts can help any couple keep things cayenne-pepper hot in the sexy time department. She is very ticklish when not in a sexual context. Makes getting her off really easy. See what time feels best. Yonkers dating

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