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Mainul Akash: What about cuba?

Sachin Rawat: Wtf im serbian that Serbian girl has awful accent

Panda Motion: Social creatures! Woww

Tink040370: I am Russian and yeah. Guys always pay but I always try to pay for myself

CroBattalion: OMG I did't understand the portuguese at all! Horrible!

Asherael: OooKay, Now we kiss I DIED ! Hahahaha

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Setu Singh: I speak French since I can talk, and I didn't understand anything about the French girl. But the Spanish (Mexican one was good

Brendon Chase: So, essentially communitarianism tainted with an overactive appreciation of assertiveness?

Jenny Lynn: Me quede esperando por un mexicano

Kashif Ali: I'm mexican and I never meet a woman like that, maybe in the states the women are in that way, but here in the capital don't

Jumanah Sa: Can you please do a video on most faithful countries in the world.

Luv4mybffl: Ahhh, Russian man is cuuteee :3

Daniel Dan: Ugggg don't date Irish chicks .

David Tello: Personally, I thought Elina was the most lovely woman in the video.

Thynchyca: Every guy sounds like Kermit the frog for some reason rofl

Mr. Sky Shark: Why are Italian men obsessed with Russian women?

So what's kissing supposed to be like?

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